waterman 350

Waterman Industries of Egypt is considered a legitimate internationally recognized source of water control gates and valves. Our product, assembled in Egypt, is a USA designed product manufactured to meet the international standards.

Waterman Industries of Egypt has been manufacturing a complete line of gates and valves since 1996 in its ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Sadat City. Designs of Waterman gates and valves are well known as being “state of the art” and have proven over decades to be one of the best in the industry. The products we offer come in standard sizes and can be as well tailored to custom sizes to suit the customer requirements, all according to standard designs. With the aid of computer technology and using advanced Waterman designing programs, we are able to process, analyze and design any new size or configuration that a customer may request.


To maintain our product’s superior quality, we obtain our materials and appurtenances from top producers in USA and Europe. The highly reputed Waterman  seals and seats are especially extruded in the largest companies in USA. From raw materials arriving at the plant to being processed to a gate or a valve, a strict control in every procedure is carried out by our professional engineers according to our standard QA/QC programs.

Our aim is to fulfill our customers’ satisfaction who always turn into repeat customers. We listen, acknowledge and meet their demands. A part of our success is our eagerness to work closely with the project engineers to better serve their requirements, our highly experienced team of engineers available to provide as much technical assistance as they would, our after sales services and, last but not least, our competitive prices. The best recommendation we would make to show the quality of our product and service to the new customer is our repeat business by our growing list of satisfied customers. The products and service we provide, urge customers to come back to us again and again.

Products manufactured by Waterman Industries of Egypt are in operation in hundreds of projects in both local and international water, sewage and power plants. Our projects reference list includes exporting our water control equipment to Algeria, Columbia, Hong Kong, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela, and others.