Founded in 2006 and having asuccessful history, KAYSE A.S. has become one of the leading brands in Turkey and has been taking firm steps forward to become a global leader in its field.
With its specialized engineer staff, KAYSE A.S. is engaged in the production of stainless steel flexible hoses, metal expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, omega loop expansion joints, sprinkler connection hoses, and level, flow, and temperature gauges and commercial activities for special valves. As well as the sectors it serves, it continues to grow with its new investments.

Behind the success of KAYSE A.S. is the customer-oriented and productivity- focused management approach. This approach has been developing not only with material gains but also with the awareness of corporate citizenship that the whole society benefits and will benefit from. Within the framework of this awareness, it carries out various corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects focusing especially on education, environment, culture & arts, and sports.


KAYSE A.S., which is aware of its responsibilities in all areas it supports, acts with a vision for being a Pioneer and a guide for the society and contributes to the national economy and employment with its investments. It offers superior technology, high quality and dynamic human resources for its customers. KAYSE A.S. aims at boosting brand value not only in Turkey but also in the regional and global scale. It reveals its vision of becoming a regional leader, especially in the production sector. KAYSE always offers its products based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust. As a result of this, it represents Turkey in the whole world by creating a prestigious brand on a global scale. The synergies with large global companies also contribute considerably to this process. Being one of the pioneers of change in Turkey, KAYSE adapts quickly to the changes in the world as a result of all this
experience and network. It makes the best use of its wide production, knowledge, and cooperation network. KAYSE A.S. acts with the aim of increasing its investments both in Turkey and abroad. In line with this aim, it exports its world-class products to 62 countries by getting their international certificates.

With its young and dynamic structure and new generation management approach, KAYSE A.S. has established strong collaborations with its international partners and looks forward to the future with confidence.