Pressure Sustaining Control Valve


Product description

The pressure stabilization control valve is designed to keep the inlet pressure constant. The system pressure is increased by the control valve, and the valve is opened to keep the input pressure constant. When the pressure returns to normal, the valve closes, allowing the system pressure to remain constant. It is mounted at the outlet of the filter in the filtration systems, which enables the system to perform effective backwashing.

Technicial Specifications

• Works with network pressure and does not need extra energy

• Easy maintenance

• Classification of pressure zones according to their importance

• Line-controlled filling of sloping systems


The pressure gauge on the main valve will show a value once the system is primed. If the value displayed on the manometer is below the desired pressure, the adjusting bolt is tightened clockwise to increase the input pressure. If the value indicated by the manometer is above the desired pressure value, the adjustment bolt is loosened counterclockwise and adjusted to the desired pressure. After this, tighten the lock nut under the adjustment bolt and fix the adjustment bolt

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