Metal Seated Gate Valve

It is a type of valve to be used for general purpose which consists of a long, flat or oval body, a disc inside it, a spindle and a spindle nut to operate the disc.
Gate valves are not used only for clean water but also can be used for sewage as long as materials of components are selected correctly.
Disc is drawn into the bonnet. It is an advantage that when valve is open, pipe line is fully
clear without any obstacle; flow path is not interrupted. This advantage gives the  possibility of “pigging” for cleaning of pipe line.
When valve is fully closed, disc sits on the seat surface completely. Bottom side of disc is narrower than top side. As a result of this feature, the contact between seat surfaces is interrupted and disc travels by sliding on body and bonnet guides while valve is opening.

Pressure Class : PN10 / PN16 / PN25
Body Material : Ductile iron / SS316
Disc : Ductile iron / SS316
: WRAS approved fusion bonded epoxy, 300 microns dft as standard.
Seat surfaces are never in contact while valve is opening or closing. So, they are not worn or scratched due to friction; they are long lasting.
Gate valves, that have an operation system consists of spindle and nut, shall not be used for throttling purpose but can be used as isolation valve for on-off duty.
Gate valves are manufactured as rising spindle type or non-rising spindle type  depending on usage area and selecting correct shaft material accordingly.
Installation Position, Valve should be installed as spindle in vertical position. For  horizontal installation, valve should be equipped with guides and slippers.