Differential level control valve

Product description

ARKOC ARK 973 Series differential level control valves

Hydraulic control valves that keep the water level in the reservoirs or reservoirs constant at desired intervals. With the 4-way differential control pilot mechanism mounted on the control valve of the main valve, the main valve closes completely and tightly when the water level reaches the desired maximum level by means of the float moving up and down on the rod. When the water level in the reservoir or reservoir drops to the minimum, the valve slowly starts to fill itself. The water level in the reservoir and reservoir can easily be adjusted at a wide range of values. Because of this feature, the pump does not continuously enter and exit the circuit during the level control of the tank or reservoirs fed by the purnp

Standard accessories

• On-off speed adjusting valve

• Y type mini strainer filter

• Mini ball valve

• Flotator

• 4-way 3-way valve Optional accessories

• Flow regulating valve (v-port)

• Large filter

• Position indicator shaft

• Stainless or copper signal hoses according to the fluid content (chlorinated etc.)

• Stainless fittings according to the content of the fluid (chlorinated etc.)

• Stainless body

• Pressure hour

• Pressure stabilization pilot mechanism

Things to be aware of during installation and use

Before installing the valve on the pipeline. the pipeline must be free from large impurities. Absolutely dirt trap should be placed in front of the valve In case of a possible failure, an isolation valve (sliding valve or butterfly valve) must be placed in front of and behind the control valve for faster response. When mounting the valve in place. the lifting rings on it must be used Must be assembled according to the arrow direction on the valve cover. Sufficient space must be left around the valve to easily make the necessary set-tings and maintenance. If the pilot mechanisms and accessories are installed on the valve. care must be taken to prevent possible damage. and it is more appropriate to remove the ac-cessories if they can be reinstalled if possible. Valve can be installed horizontally or vertically on pipeline

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