Rubber expansion joint


Pressure (Pmax) : PN16
Temperature (Tmax) : 100 °C
Nylon fiber : Cord Fabric
Braid wire : Steel
Flange material : Cast Iron casting, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel(Optional)
Rubber material : EPDM, NBR
Expansions : Axial +15 mm -20 mm, Lateral 15 mm, Angular 10°

Rubber expansion joints are elastic and high strength parts that absorb vibration and noise in systems. They are indispensable elements of pressure or vacuum systems. Due to elasticity of rubber based materials, they absorb high noise and vibration in all directions. Since their flanges are rotary type, they are easy to install. Due to its special design, it is not necessary to use gasket during its installation. Expansion joint strength and vibration damping capability increase things to special steel courts inside the rubber material. They are widely used in ventilation and air conditioning lines, shipbuilding industry, pumps inlets and outlets, waste water and sewage systems.