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Vulcanized rubber coated slider is moved up and down with the effect of rotating force applied to mall mounted on the cover, so that valve is opened and closed. Sliding valves which can be mounted horizontally and vertically and which can be used fully open or fully closed, are suitable for fluid flow in both directions. But they are not suitable for sensitive flow (pressure and flow rate) control. Sliding valves have very low pressure losses since there is obstacle effecting passage of fluid while it is in the fully open position. To bring the valve from open position to closed position, several swivel movements must be performed so that this situation which causes the valve to close slowly minimizes shock effects that may occur.
Vulcanization : The process of forming chemical bonds between polymer chains of rubber with the help of sulfur and accelerants in general under pressure and at high temperature is called vulcanization (curing). Vulcanization is a process of obtaining unshifted structure due to network formed by cross-linking molecules which have high amount of shifting energy.